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One of the projects of SACMEC is the establishment of a pro-active data base that will be used to gather identifying information about children in South Africa.

Photographs and basic information of children will be gathered and stored in a secure database at SACMEC. This upfront available data will assist in  speeding up the distribution of information when a child is reported missing.

A touch of a button will speedily send this missing child's data to all sectors of the media, police departments and other relevant stakeholders and into the community. The availability of a Poster generator flash facility on the server, will enable law enforcement agencies and parents to print posters directly from the Internet, for distribution.

The problem that exists in SA is that up to the age of sixteen there is no identification on any child. When the birth is registered an identification number is allocated, but they are only issued an ID book at sixteen years old, upon application.

In the scenario in which a child is lost, reported to the Police as missing and where a crime is committed and a body eventually recovered, there is no easy way to link the body with a missing person report.

According to Captain Fanie van Deventer, President of SACMEC and Head of the Bureau f or Missing Persons (BMP), the BMP currently has approximately 860 children under the age of 18 years on the database, still missing.

If this figure is deducted from the approximately 60 000 street children in SA, it is evident that there is a massive under reporting of missing children in SA.

SACMEC intends to register all these street children on this pro-active database. This better tracking and distribution system will result in the enhanced allocation of social development resources. It will also help to establish whether children are on the street due to socio-economic circumstances or out of their own free will. Once such a database is established all these children become found children and the search for their parents and families can commence.

The database will help in raising awareness and assisting in the quick distribution of information and photographs of missing persons which is important in ensuring that there is a reduced likelihood that these same persons are not subject to crime or elements of crime.

The database information gathering will be done at various centres which will be made known to the public.

Database security is of paramount importance. The data supplied will be safeguarded using the eTrust software donated by Computer Associates and will ensure that the data is kept safe by using the latest security features to prevent unlawful access to this information. Only authorised personnel at SACMEC will be able to access this data.

This project will also help with the awareness of SACMEC and its stated objectives and increase the probability of finding a child alive.

This database will also be utilised by SACMEC to regularly communicate with children and to make them aware of the new threats against their safety.

Data gathered and stored on this database will never be made available for any commercial enterprise and will only be distributed by SACMEC once verified and if the parents or guardians of the child has signed a power of attorney, giving SACMEC permission to distribute such information and photos.