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The scope of SACMEC activities is broad and diverse, but undoubtedly its flagship projects and the standard by which it will be judged is the tracing and recovery of missing children and its support rendered to existing law enforcement structures. The partnership between ICMEC and the BMP brings to SACMEC a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of investigations coupled with the application of state of the art technology. Cases will be dealt with according to the following operational guidelines:

  • Cases of missing children will be reported to SACMEC immediately either through the national call center, through the Internet or through reports filed with the SAPS.
  • Cases involving stranger abduction will be given the highest priority (cases of familial abduction generally hold fewer risks to the child’s life).
  • Each case will be assigned a dedicated case manager. Case managers will report to the Director, Operations and Investigations.
  • The case manager will liaise closely with relevant law enforcement agencies and will facilitate sharing of information and resources pertaining to the case. Case managers will have law enforcement background and a proven track record in investigation of cases of missing person’s, they will therefore also have their own powers of investigation.
  • SACMEC support staff, who will report to the Director, Administration, Distribution and development, will ensure the rapid dissemination, and distribution of information on cases of missing children to the general public through newspapers, national television, etc. and will also assist in the process of repatriation, rehabilitation and follow-up counseling.
  • Cases of cross-border abduction will be handled by SACMEC in cooperation with INTERPOL agencies in the respective countries.
  • SACMEC support staff will disseminate information received at the National call center and see to it that all leads are followed up, either by case managers or law enforcement.
  • In general SACMEC will be set up to operate on the proven model of the NCMEC.
  • SACMEC support staff will strive to establish pro-active and rehabilitation projects concerning missing and exploited children.
  • SACMEC support staff will initiate research projects on exploitation with the help of another partner in this venture The MTN center for Crime Prevention studies situated at Rhodes University.