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SACMEC presents several initiatives that utilises state-of-the-art IT and communication technologies to assist in the recovery of missing kids in South Africa in addition to the protection of children who are vulnerable to exploitation.

These initiatives will include both proactive and reactive elements:

SACMEC Call Centre
Poster Participation Project
Pro-Active Database

Opportunities to Partners  -   Ways you can help:

The South African Centre for Missing & Exploited Children works with companies to create customized programs tailored to their interests, resources, and target markets. Consider the difference you can make.

Market with a Mission
Consumers—81 percent of them—say they will switch to the brand or
retailer who supports a good cause when price and quality are equal.1
Aligning the right company, product, or brand with SACMEC underscores
a shared commitment to safety. Delivering important prevention
information, along with products or services, adds value and lets
customers know you care.

Invest in a Good Cause
Corporate leaders, foundations, and individuals provide critical support, allowing SACMEC to deliver programs and services throughout South Africa, SACMEC values these supporters and works diligently safeguard South Africa’s future.

Put Technology to Work
Advancements in technology has raised missing-child recovery rates from 3 percent in 1994 to 88 percent today. Powerful partnerships with technology providers have increased our ability to locate missing children.

The Power of a Picture—Photo Distribution
It’s a fact: 1 in 6 recoveries are a direct result of a lead generated by a missing child’s photograph as distributed by SACMEC. Photo partners work with us to distribute photographs of missing children—further increasing the odds of finding a missing child.

Keep Communities Safer—Awareness, Education, and Prevention
No community is immune to child victimization. Targeted informational
mailings, community events, and product inserts are powerful ways to educate the public about staying safer in their communities and while on the Internet. These efforts effectively work to reduce the number of children victimized each year.

Employees Make a Difference
Many corporate supporters include their employees in their partnership with SACMEC. Lending the expertise of staff, including SACMEC in an employee giving campaign, and supporting employee-sponsored community events are powerful ways to create a culture of caring within your company.

Photo ID Events
Having a clear and easily reproduced photograph, and information, of a missing child is one of the best chances families have for a recovery. Pro active database events will be popular and effective at driving customers to retail and other locations to receive a FREE photograph, and info sheet of their child.