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The call centre is located  in Cape Town and the number is 0861 MISSING (0861 647746).

The call centre receives calls and aids in the reporting of missing children and serves as a standby service to those parents in need that does not know what is expected of them to report a child as missing. This call centre will be manned 24/7 and will assist parents in this regard. It will also have the ability to do activations on the Pro Kids database should a parent phone in and their child's information and photo is on the database. Once activation takes place a qualified member of SACMEC will contact the parent and use information on the database to verify that the report is not a hoax. Should the information and verification pan out, with the press of a button distribution and investigation can immediately start. The call centre will then become the hub for information distribution and receiving of leads and sightings.

This information will therefore be made available almost immediately to the general community, in order for them to help in the search for the missing children.  This will be achieved by receiving information at the call centre from the public and relaying this information to the investigation official, at SAPS and or case managers appointed by SACMEC. In traumatic and emotional cases the call centre can also assist in directing the public to experts in trauma counselling and other related services.

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