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South African Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

The South African Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (SACMEC) aspires to establish itself as a model organization in its efforts to raise funds in support of its mission to assist in the location and recovery of missing children and raise awareness about missing children and child sexual exploitation. This document represents the official policy of SACMEC, both as mandatory requirements and in aspirations. Exceptions to these guidelines may be made only on the recommendation of the SACMEC Marketing and Development Committees with the approval of the Board of Directors consistent with its By Laws.

Aspirational Guidelines
SACMEC has a unique role as a private not-for-profit corporation that fulfills an important function as an African clearinghouse on issues related to missing children. SACMEC aspires to develop private funding through relationships with corporate, institutional and individual donors.

SACMEC will exercise all due care in conducting all its fund raising activities, especially with respect to individuals. SACMEC recognizes that it should be sensitive to the special conditions facing members of vulnerable populations. SACMEC is aware that, at times, individuals from every sector of society are interested in assisting in ending the plight of missing and exploited children. While SACMEC will endeavor to avoid soliciting vulnerable populations, it will accept donations from and communicate with all individuals who have expressed a desire to contribute.

SACMEC shall strive to limit its annual expenditures on administration and fund raising to less than 10% of its total budget.

Mandatory Policies
1. SACMEC shall not market or sell for any purposes any product, publication or other material purchased with public funds.

2. SACMEC shall not market, profit from or sell the images of missing children for any purpose. Because distribution of missing child images is a necessary and valuable component of the SACMEC mission, dissemination of missing child photos by commercial means shall be encouraged in an effort to reach as many people as possible. The acceptance of private sector support to further the dissemination of missing child images shall be regarded as program support and not as the sale or marketing of missing child images.

3. SACMEC shall not endorse any commercial product for any reason.

4. SACMEC shall not enter into exclusive relationships with any private sector entity.

5. SACMEC may enter into sponsorship relationships with private sector entities for a term certain. When a private sector entity provides an agreed upon level of funding, SACMEC may permit the private sector entity to use the SACMEC name, logo and design, pre-approved in writing by the SACMEC president or his designee, in corporate materials, including advertising, to publicize its support of the SACMEC mission. Consistent with its mission, SACMEC may license the use of its name, logo and design in exchange for an agreed upon level of support from a private sector entity for a term certain.
(a) All corporate materials such as advertising, press releases and other media pieces must accurately reflect and be in compliance with the written agreement between SACMEC and the corporate sponsor.
(b) In all corporate arrangements whereby the corporation will make a contribution to SACMEC, the nature of the arrangement, such as the portion of the product or service price or fixed amount per sale/transaction to benefit SACMEC, the term of the campaign, the maximum and/or guaranteed minimum of the contribution to SACMEC, or any other relevant condition of the arrangement will be communicated in a disclosure in the advertising regarding the campaign.

6. SACMEC shall not conduct mass telemarketing to raise funds unless telemarketing efforts are used to solely contact existing donors.

7. SACMEC shall not use “O800” or other toll-free numbers to solicit donations.

8. At all times, SACMEC shall retain the sole and absolute right to pre-approve in writing any and all uses of its corporate name, logo, design, and any other proprietary symbols or phrases.

9. SACMEC shall reserve and protect its rights to ownership in all assets, including donor lists and program concepts that have been developed through the use of any SACMEC program, name, logo or design.

10. SACMEC donor lists shall be proprietary and confidential. SACMEC shall not sell or barter donor names for any reason.

11. SACMEC shall not buy commercial lists for the purpose of soliciting private sector funding.

12. SACMEC shall only engage in the solicitation of donors over the Internet when an individual has expressed an interest in making a donation to SACMEC by providing contact information. SACMEC will not send individual or mass unsolicited donations.

13. SACMEC shall not use children in any door-to-door solicitations.

14. SACMEC shall reserve the right to inspect and audit, at its own expense with reasonable notice, all books and records relating to a private sector supporter’s performance under a contract or legal agreement, and to require the submission of documented invoices and financial reports.

15. SACMEC shall insist on contractual protection from liability for fees or expenses incurred by subcontractors or other parties who perform services for private sector supporters or partners under contract with SACMEC.

16. SACMEC shall require that private sector supporters or partners in connection with contracts and events provide adequate insurance coverage.

17. SACMEC shall require indemnification from all claims arising out of any private sector entity or contractor’s unauthorized use of the SACMEC name, logo, design or other proprietary symbols or phrases, or the contractor’s negligence in performing its contractual obligations.

18. SACMEC shall establish and maintain full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including those which govern charitable solicitation; and shall require contractors, sponsors and supporters conducting events or activities in which the SACMEC name, logo, design or proprietary symbols or phrases are used.

19. SACMEC shall include provisions in all contracts governing the manner and notice requirements for termination of a contract.

20. The SACMEC Development and SACMEC Marketing committees shall be responsible to the oversight and review of fund raising programs for compliance and consistency with these guidelines. Final determination of any matter shall reside with the full Board of Directors.