Pro-Kids Registration

Step 1: Download the Microsoft Word or Acrobat Reader file below.

Step 2: Complete and sign the form (electronic signature accepted).

Step 3: Return form to SACMEC via e-mail with a clear recent photograph of your child (preferabaly head and shoulder photo please) at

Step 4: If you don't have e-mail facilities post form and photo to: SACMEC PRO-KIDS REGISTRATION, P O BOX 435, DERDEPOORTPARK, PRETORIA, 0035.

Step 5: Sit back and relax, you will receive back shortly your confirmation of registration by means of e-mail or post. With this you will receive 3(three) id-cards with your child's unique Pro-Kids number as well as a nice certificate to put in your child's room or wherever.

Step 6: Take note that once you received the registration confirmation you will also receive a username and password to access, update and even change your password on the login access above.

Step 7: Please read through the registration form and if your child goes missing rest assured that help is now just a phone call away at 012 393 2002/5. All you have to do is to give us your child's unique Pro-Kids number and we will immediately assist you in helping to find your child. Read more about our database on our "Projects" page.

Download registration form in Microsoft Word format: registration_form.doc

Download registration form in Acrobat Reader format: registration_form.pdf